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Experience the radiant power of Dermalux LED Therapy. Harnessing the benefits of clinically proven light frequencies, this treatment rejuvenates the skin, addressing various skin concerns, and promoting overall skin health. Whether using the flexibility of the Flex MD or the tailored therapy of Tri-Wave, achieve vibrant, refreshed, and revitalised skin.

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Real-life Benefits of Dermalux


Delivered by experienced skincare professionals for a safe and effective treatment

No Downtime

This non-invasive treatment requires zero downtime, allowing for an immediate return to daily activities

Clinically Proven

Backed by extensive research, expect proven results with improved skin health and appearance

Versatile & Time-Effective

With both Flex MD and Tri-Wave technologies, the treatment can be personalised to address your unique skin concerns

Overview of The Treatment

What to Expect
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Your Dermalux LED Therapy begins with a skin consultation, followed by a relaxing session under our state-of-the-art LED equipment. Experience a gentle and therapeutic light bath that stimulates skin rejuvenation and healing.

Why Choose Dermalux
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Offering advanced, non-invasive light therapy, Dermalux LED Therapy provides targeted treatment for a range of skin concerns, enhancing skin health and appearance.

Post-Treatment Care
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The aftercare process is tailored individually to each client, and is discussed in detail at the consultation.

Why This Technology
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Dermalux's Flex MD and Tri-Wave technology offer industry-leading LED light therapy, delivering clinically proven wavelengths that stimulate skin rejuvenation and address specific skin concerns.

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Dermalux LED


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What is Dermalux LED Therapy?
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Dermalux LED Therapy is a non-invasive light therapy treatment designed to stimulate skin rejuvenation and address specific skin concerns.

What can I expect during a Dermalux LED Therapy session?
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During a session, you'll relax under our LED equipment as therapeutic light is delivered to your skin. The treatment is comfortable and calming.

Are there any side effects?
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Dermalux LED Therapy is safe and gentle for all skin types. Side effects are extremely rare, and any slight redness typically subsides quickly after treatment.

How many Dermalux LED Therapy treatments will I need?
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The number of treatments required will vary based on your specific skin concerns and goals, which will be discussed during your consultation.

Who is a suitable candidate for Dermalux LED Therapy?
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Anyone seeking to improve the health and appearance of their skin can benefit from Dermalux LED Therapy. It is particularly effective for conditions such as ageing skin, acne, redness, pigmentation, and photodamage.

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