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Embark on a transformative journey with Lanluma, our pioneering injectable treatment. Crafted to stimulate collagen production, Lanluma seamlessly integrates with your body's tissues to enhance natural contours and revitalise your skin, both on the face and body.

List of Conditions Treated


Bum Chin

Crapey Skin

Sunken Temples

Tear Trough

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Real-life Benefits of Lanluma Fillers


Conducted by our in-house Plastic Surgeons, assuring utmost safety and precise treatment

Minimal Downtime

Resume your normal activities swiftly after treatment

Proven Results

Revel in visible improvement in skin elasticity, firmness, and contouring


Notice transformational results within a few quick sessions

Overview of The Treatment

What to Expect
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Your journey commences with an insightful consultation with our Plastic Surgeon, following which the Lanluma injections are meticulously administered. The procedure harnesses the unique property of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) to stimulate collagen production, enhancing your contours and revitalising your skin.

Why Choose Lanluma
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Lanluma marks the zenith of aesthetics - blending luxury with scientific innovation. This revolutionary injectable treatment, exclusively administered by our Plastic SurgeonS, guarantees an elite, transformative experience.

Post-Treatment Care
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Maintain a gentle touch around the treated area and avoid extreme temperatures for 24 hours post-treatment. This facilitates optimal results and minimises potential side effects.

Why This Technology
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Lanluma is a ground-breaking, bioresorbable poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) injectable. It boosts your skin's collagen production to rejuvenate elasticity, firmness, and contouring. An innovative solution to surpass your aesthetic aspirations.

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Lanluma Fillers


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What makes Lanluma unique?
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Lanluma is a bioresorbable injectable that integrates with your body's tissues, stimulating collagen production for a natural, revitalising effect on the skin and contours

What results can I expect from Lanluma?
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Lanluma promotes skin elasticity and firmness, improves texture, and enhances natural contours, offering noticeable improvement within a few sessions.

Are there any side effects with Lanluma?
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Any potential side effects, including mild redness, swelling, or slight discomfort at the injection site, are usually temporary.

How long does the Lanluma treatment last?
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While individual experiences may vary, the rejuvenating effects of Lanluma can typically last up to 12 months.

Are there any side effects?
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If you desire to enhance natural contours, firmness, and elasticity of your skin, you could be a suitable candidate. An initial consultation with our Plastic Surgeon will help assess your suitability.

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